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Manual GPRS and 3G Settings for Airtel

Guys Here i am providing you wid manual settings of airtel .I'll
providing detailed instructions for all phones.

Manual settings for Nokia s40 phones like (3220, 3500, 5220, 7260,
6020, 6070, 6080, 6021, 6170, 7280, 7270, 6030, 2630, 8800, 6101,
6070, 6270, 6280, 6131, 6125, 6300, 3110, 3500, 5300, 5310, 5130,
5200, 2600, 6233(classic), 6500 )

Go to Settings-> Configuration Settings-> Personal Configuration
Settings-> Select options -> add new
>> Select Web or services
Account Name: Mobile Office
Home Page:
Username: none
Password: blank
Use Preferred Access Point: NO
Define Access Point Settings: OK
Access Point Settings: Proxy-Disable
Proxy Address: blank
Proxy Port: blank
Data bearer: GPRS / PACKET DATA
Bearer Settings:
Gprs Access Point Name :
Authentication Type: Normal
Username: blank
Password: blank
Come back to main menu
In main menu Go to web/services click option-select settings you will
get general, in general you will get access point, in access point you
have to select Mobile Office as default.
In some phones like nokia 2690,2700,2730 there is no option for home
page you need not worry just fillup the given things no need of
homepage settings

# Here is the instructions for nokia s60 phones (6600, 3650, 3230,
3250, 6680, 6681, 6630, 5700, 5500, all E- Series, N- Series handsets)
Manual GPRS/3G
Go to Tools -> Settings-> Connections-> Access point-> Option-> New access point
Connection name : Mobile Office
Data bearer: gprs / packet data
Access point:
User Name: None
Prompt password : No
Password: blank
Authetication: normal
# Manual GPRS/3G Settings for Motorola phones like C380, C381P, C975,
C550, C650, E398, V3, V3 Razr, V80, V220, V300, V500, V525, V535,
V545, V600, V620, L6, L7, L9
Open Menu -> Web Access -> Web Sessions -> New Entry.
Enter the below details
Name: Mobile Office
Service Type 1: http
Gateway IP 1 or proxy1 blank
Port 1: blank
User Name: blank
Password: blank
Press Done

Airtel Mobile office Manual WAP Settings:
Connection Name = Airtelwap(or anything)
Data Bearer = GPRS
Access point name =
User Name = none
Password = No
Authentication = Normal
Homepage =
Manual MMS Settings:
Airtel MMS Manual Settings:
Connection Name / Profile Name : Airtel MMS
Data Bearer : GPRS
Access Point Name :
User Name : none
Prompt Password : no
Password : no
Authentication : Normal
Gateway IP Address : No
Homepage –
Proxy Address –
Proxy Port – 8799

#INSTRuctions for chínè$e phøñës
Go to "services" -> Data Account -> GPRS.
*.Empty the account (like Account 8).
*. Edit the account as following.
*. 1. Account name: MOBILE OFFICE
*. 2. APN:
*. 3. User name: blank
*. 4. Password: blank
*. 5. Auth. type: Normal
These are the required account settings. Click"done", then save.
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