Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Super hiding a folder/file without any software

Everyone have a secret folder So hiding it is a must.Although everyone
knows how to hide a folder but now what is super hiding a folder.It is
nothing but making your folder/file os folder/file.SUPER HIDING a
folder/file is simple nd your folder is secret until anyone like me
uses your machine.letzz start :
>> Open command prompt (To launch command prompt, press the Win R key combination and type cmd then hit the enter button.)
>>Just type in the following
attrib s h "C:/cyberkhalsa"
>>You will need to replace the stuff in the inverted comma's to an absolute path of a folder or file on your system that you want to make hidden.

To unhide the folder or file just type following command in cmd:
attrib -s -h "C:\cyberkhalsa"
Now u r again wid a normal folder.
folks enjoy hiding your %top secret files with this simple trick.

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