Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sirphire (2012) Dvdscr

Sirphire revolves around three students who think that life should
just be enjoyed, however, how muchit should be enjoyed is not the
point. Inder (Priyanshu Chatterjee), Preet (Preet Harpal) and Bittu
(Roshan Prince) are extremely busy in making fun of life. The entrance
of beautiful girls Simran (Monica Bedi) and Jazz (Gurleen Chopra) is
not enough for the three friendsto stabilize their lives or to focus
on anything else apartfrom making fun. But later ondue to an incident
they haveto bear a big shock, and suddenly they find themselves in
huge trouble. From then on the meaning of living life changes for them
and trying to balance their lives becomes their primary goal. While
the friends are going through a tense situation and struggling in
life, their love life is also affected by this and this alsobecomes
one of the reasons to sort out their lives later on.
Review : If a movie contains a positive star cast, great music and a
tremendous promotion on top, it will definitely catch theeye of
viewers to ensure that there is a weighty collection of audience in
the cinema hall when it releases. Sirphire covers all these
Including bollywood stars like Monica Bedi , Priyanshu Chatterjee and
well established singers like Preet Harpal and Roshan Prince in the
movie, and to add to that buzz of comedy artists like Binnu Dhillon,
B.N.Sharma and Karamjeet Anmol, Sirphire was one of the much awaited
movies to hit the screens. So we need to find out how it looks like
when the wait is over.
Sirphire tends to deal with the most common problems ofyoungsters
these days. It highlights how Youth take their life in a casual manner
at the time of when they are studying in their college years. Unaware
of practical life, having fun and making so many mistakes, but they
still choose to remain in the same lifestyle. The movie tries to
address these issues and also tries to deliver a social message.
Sirphire can be called a goodeffort to entice the youth to get their
lives stable and balanced but the movie lackson some important aspects
which are needed to make it one of the favourites to watch for the
multiplex audience

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