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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 v1.9.441 Multiplayer Only (Four Delta One) (2011/ENG)

The most successful series ofshooters with a first person returns to
the epic sequel to the winner of several titles Game of the Year, Call
of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Will you be able to do what is requiredof
you in the darkest hour forthe world? Get ready for the amazing
cinematic journey that is only available in the Call of Duty.
A significant portion of multiplayer has now become even bigger and
better with new maps, game modes and features. Cooperative game mode
will give players the opportunity to compete in the new special
operations in place the best player in the tables of records, and mode
Survival will fill the field of action unprecedented action.
Features of edition:
Features Pirate:
Based on the Steam version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Fully working Multiplayer;
Nothing is converted;
There are all DLC maps of the licensed version;
Integrated FourDeltaOne Client(IW5M: r21);
There are all DLC maps;
Version of the game corresponds to the latest version of licensed games.
So, what has already been implemented:
Game client with all the after current DLC;
There is a cheat;
Works inside the game menu (voting to change maps, kick and change of command);
In game console (but questionable);
Denied Level Hack.
What is planned:
Buddy System
Adding servers to favorites
Display servers tab lan (tentative)
Plugin support (while also not known)
How to start
For the game must be installed components:
Microsoft. Net 3.5 or 4.0 Framework
Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 Redistributable
Starting the game:
Register for the Developer Forum modifier Four Delta Oneto link here Register ;
Run the file LaunchIW5M.exe to play Multiplayer;
In the opened window, enter the username and password from the forum
where we recorded
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Do not connect to any server, the connection is long, then wait
time from the server is up, what to do?
A: We put the GMT time, or simply synchronize clocks withInternet
Q: Are all the DLC maps are present in this hand?
A: Yes, all that is left. And thisis the two collections.
Q: Does the search games game modes?
A: This version does not work. It is not known whether this function is;
Q: Where can I view the status of the main server?
A: The status of the main server, you can follow any responses to see status .
Q: Where can I find server monitoring IW5M
A: All servers are displayed inthe in game server liste do monitoring
Q: When you start the game an error pops up: screen
A: Not Available Core Server Developer modifier Four Delta One. Wait
for it to start and keep playing;
Q: What if I have already registered on the forum FD1, but I play in
MB2, the same myaccount to come up in MW3?
A: Yes, of course! Forumre one and the same. And playingMW2 and MW3
from some developers as a modifier. I mean Four Delta One. Therefore
your account from the forum FD1 fit to MW3 FD1;
Q: on Windows XP does not start a label LaunchIW5M.exe
A: This problem is solved by manually editing iw4m.ini If someone do
not, you can download the file here . Fill upthe file in the game
folder andopen it. On the first line enter your username and the
second the password of the forum FD1.
Q: Client game just came out not long ago, and there have been some
great players Level and prestige! Maybe there are hacks or server with
fast pumping?
A: The developers have made??MW3 FD1 increased xp equal 400xp for
another murder. It lasts 250,000 days.
But I warn you that the game LEVEL Hack denied! During thisban in the
game for 5 days!


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