Thursday, 7 June 2012

Making folder of 0 kb and locking it

So here is the trick which will help u in making folder of
size 0KB and it will not be deleted by anyone
Following are the
steps for it:
1)Make new folder
and rename it as
2)Copy any size of
data and paste
inside the folder
3)Open notepad
and type cacls
personal /e /p
4)Save it as lock.bat
5)Again open new
notepad and type
cacls personal /e /p
6)Save it as
Remember that
Both .bat file should
save in the same
directory of the
folder name
7)After of all just run
lock.bat file and you
can see that our 0KB
folder is ready.
8)For the unlock you
can unlock it by
running unlock.bat
This folder can neither be
deleted by any one after
running lock.bat nor be
renamed .

You can Hide ur both
bat files

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