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Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Kya Super Kool Hai Hum’ starts with a shot of a struggling actor Adi,(Tusshar) dreaming about making ‘Bra.One’ where he says, “Main duniya ki sab auraton ko support karta hoon” and sets the tone of this annoying no brainer.

Struggling actor Adi and his DJ friend Sid are in search of work, lady luck and love. Adi meets Simran (Neha Sharma) and is convinced that she is his soul mate and can bring him good luck and follows her to Goa where she is partying with her friend Anu (Sarah Jane Dias). Sid, who lives off his dog Fakru/ Shatru/Sakru’s high libido (the pug is a ‘Vicky Donor’ of the animal planet) goes along with his friend. What follows is an inane plot about mistaken identity, reincarnation and dhongi babas and how in the end the two couples unite amidst all this stupidity.

There is no story; there are just a whole lot of gags, spoofs and adult content in the film. Each line, each scene just keeps reiterating the fact that it is a ‘sex comedy’. In fact, it drills it inside your brain so hard that by the end of it you want to grab an aspirin to cure the gnawing pain.

Tusshar gets to play the lead role only because he is Ekta Kapoor’s brother. The actor, who was a tad bit funny in ‘Golmaal’, fails miserably to get people laughing at his dumb act. Perhaps aware that ‘Golmaal’ is the only shining glory in his otherwise lackluster career, he spoofs his own character from the film in the first half and those are the only moments when you laugh at his act. Riteish Deshmukh probably is the only saving grace of the film. Deshmukh, who is now becoming a veteran of such slapstick comedies, gets his act right but there isn’t much that he can do in a ‘no-script’ film.

The girls-Neha Sharma and Sarah Jane Dias- look hot. Neha Sharma may just click with the audience with her pretty looks but Sarah somehow appears extremely wooden. But then, they are just required to look sensuous and pretty in the film and they manage that very well.

What works for the film is the fact that it is extremely unapologetic about the ‘nonsense’ that they have churned out for the audience. In the climax, when compared to Jai of 'Sholay' and Anand of ‘Anand’, Deshmukh says, ‘Hum ordinary film ke hero hai, woh extra ordinary films the’. Yes, the film is just that-ordinary, in fact lower than that. But they seem to have fun. Yes, some bits are funny, quite hilarious and Riteish and Anupam Kher share a ‘good chemistry’, which makes their scenes enjoyable to watch. But they are far and few in between. It is also unfortunate to see a veteran actor like Kher mouth dialogues full of double meanings. Kher’s comic timing remains intact but to see him being part of a film like this makes you cringe a bit.

KSKHH is an assault to your brain to say the least. But we know you will watch it nevertheless. After all don’t we go to the movies to get entertained and not take on more stress? Go on, watch it but do carry a bottle of painkillers with you. Might come in handy later.

Ratings: Two cheers for this one-only for its brazen ways.

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